Nov 272014

This was meant to be posted back in July, when Muslims were in the fasting month but I’ve been so busy, look how long this has been terribly delayed! My gosh.

For the first Ramadan, I was at AEON Station 18 just walking around. Then I realized we weren’t gonna make it home in time to break the fast because you’d need to buy or cook first right? And Station 18 is quite far from my house. So I managed to get my mom to agree that we’d break fast at any of the restaurants there.

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Oct 242014


Last night after I just bought Chatime, I saw bright sign next to 7-Eleven in Greentown. Turns out, it’s Ipoh’s first Subway!

YES. It’s FINALLY opening!

After a lot of rumors, uncertainties, location changes, we finally could see Ipoh’s first Subway which opens TODAY. So all speculations, confusions, rumors are cleared now. I was a bit worried when the banner disappeared for a while. Since the location used to be an old mamak restaurant which apparently has closed down, I thought they just ‘borrowed’ the place to hang the banner. The first photo that emerged online was at a different location. Then I heard they’re not opening in Greentown but instead waiting to open at AEON Klebang which is currently under construction. I’m glad that’s not true. But I do hope they open at AEON Klebang, and more outlets will open in Ipoh.

Subway Ipoh Has Finally Opened

The location is still the same as mentioned in my previous post: Subway Is Coming To Ipoh

They’re still at the location where ‘Nasi Kandar Greentown‘ used to be. It’s right next to 7-Eleven and opposite of Healy Mac’s.

Finally, after waiting for years, Subway has finally opened in Ipoh. Exciting, eh? I’ll be sure to go and review the place soon. I wanted to go today on its first opening day but I’m sure it’ll be crowded, don’t you think?


No. 5 Persiaran Greentown 4
Greentown Business Centre
30450 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Aug 222014

I’d just like to take this opportunity before the day of mourning ends to extend my sympathy and sincerest, deepest and heartfelt condolences to the families affected by the MH17 tragedy.


Today is the day where the nation mourns, as we welcome 20 remains back to Malaysia on their last journey home to be laid to rest.
I have to say that watching TV today has been devastating. I can’t express the sadness.
But at least, finally, they’re back home. The families can have the closure now, go through the process of grieving so they could move on.
I hope the remaining identified and identified victims will be brought back as soon as possible. I heard possibly 3 will be brought back this Sunday.

May their souls finally rest in peace now.

Aug 142014

I finally have a Facebook page for this website! I’ve always wanted one, but I’ve been putting it off for ages.

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 12.20.17 PM


I’ve just published the page yesterday so at this moment, it’s pretty empty but I plan on sharing pictures of food, restaurants or products, recipes or pictures from the internet, and updates from this site. If you have good places for ‘makan-makan’ to share, go LIKE the page! It’s a work in progress so please bear with me :) You can also click LIKE using the facebook plugin at the sidebar. So, what are you waiting for?

Go LIKE the page now! Let’s all share our love for delicious foods together.

Aug 142014

For Ipoh citizens, I’m sure you have noticed the new renovation for AEON Kinta City (formerly known as Jusco Kinta City). They’ve recently renovated the grocery section, and added some space for food stalls. They now have a variety of sushi choices compared to last time! I still think AEON Station 18 have bigger and so much better selection for sushi, but hey, it’s a big improvement so I’m glad! Kinta City is closer to my place than Station 18.

One of the new outlets is ‘TAKO-i Takoyaki‘. I’m a HUGE fan of takoyaki. I’ve only tasted Tako Tao, which is located at AEON Station 18. While I’m happy Tako Tao is in Ipoh, the location is way too far for me. But now I have a new option – TAKO-i. Before the renovation, there used to be another takoyaki stall but I’m assuming it didn’t receive many customers so it closed down. The stall that sold expensive flavored waffles also closed down and moved to station 18, it seems.

Tako-i Takoyaki @ AEON Kinta City, Ipoh

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