About Me


My name is Tany. I love food. I’m a diploma graduate from a local college majoring in Video & Animation. I love editing videos, making movies and of course, I love food. I decided to create this blog just to share some of the great food I’ve had, or the worst food that you should avoid.

I have a personal blog at TOTALLY AWESOME [net].

So why “Sinfully Delicious“? Well, I like foods. All kinds of food. So I thought I’d make a separate blog just about food to sort of record and review. Hopefully, you would enjoy the site as much as I enjoy writing them 😀 There isn’t much to talk about me, but if you want to get to know me more you can visit my personal blog. I’m not so fond of expensive food, so this blog is for those who are on a budget looking for a good budget place to eat.

This blog was abandoned for quite a while due to my extremely busy schedule during my final year but now I’m reviving this. Feel free to link, comment, leave a message or anything! I’d love to talk! All of the posts written in this site are of my own personal non-biased opinion. I just tell like how it is. I do not get paid or anything.