Cheese Nan

Since 2 weeks ago or so, almost everyone I know had been struck with some kind of sickness. I, to, was not excluded. I was coughing real bad, I couldn’t breathe properly and I had tonsilitis and thank god, I didn’t have fever and the torturous ‘chain of sickness’. So since I was coughing like I’m dying, I decided to go to the clinic. Well, the doc was barely talking, it was scary. After the visit, my mom and I went to a nearby ‘mamak’ (indian muslim) restaurant because she likes mamak restaurant and there were quite a number of people there.

Cheese Nan

This is what I ordered. Cheese nan. I’m not sure what kind of dipping they use as I’ve never tasted it before but they are absolutely and sinfully DELICIOUS. The nan tasted real soft, nice and yummy. It was served hot. Didn’t taste much of cheese though when you use the dipping but it’s still good. The dippings are good!

Teh Tarik

‘Teh Tarik’ (literally ‘pulled tea’) is my fave drink when I go to mamak stall. If you don’t know what it is, it’s simply just tea mixed with condensed milk then they’d do some sort of special pulling action and the as result you get frothy topping… something like cappucino. I loved it. Creamy, thick and frothy. Oh and sweet.


This is mom’s. She loves ‘tosai’.. I’m not sure what it’s called in english. She get 3 kind of different dipping including curry. I’ve never liked tosai but their tosai is not bad.. it’s not really er.. sour-ish as usual so I liked it too.

I forgot the restaurant’s name. They sell lots of different dishes that sounds yummy. If you want to go, when you go to Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, there’s a clinic there called Family Clinic TTDI… and along the row you can see banks, pizza hut at the corner and behind it is the TTDI wet market. It didn’t cost  much either. It was just around RM5-ish (USD $1.50-ish)

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