Chilly Pan Mee @ Sunway Damansara

My friend is so addicted to chilly pan me, a name I never heard before. She would constantly mention it and how delicious it is. So one day I decided to check it out too, and I was a bit worried at first if it’s halal or not but we asked the boss, and he said the chilly pan mee is halal.


The restaurant is located at Sunway damansara, and the place is quite cozy. However, do not go during lunch hour.. it’ll be so PACKED.


Chilly Pan Mee: RM 5.50

This is what chilly pan mee looks like when it arrived. Plain huh? Even I was thinking, ‘what could be so special about this?’ This is the supposedly halal bowl.. it consist of the noodle, half boiled egg, fried garlic (I think) and mushrooms.. the other bowl contains minced meat I presume, but I’m not sure what kind of meat.. it’s probably not halal and also without the mushroom. I don’t mind eating at a non halal place as long as I get a halal bowl (no pork).


Extra Mushrooms: RM 1

We ordered extra mushroom since the other bowl with meat has no mushroom.. turns out it cost RM 1 extra.


Your pan mee comes with a bowl of soup too.. and I’m assuming it’s fishball soup? I love the taste though. Just plain soup and eggs and fishball and some leaves.


This is the main attraction. The chilli! It has the taste of fried chilli.. quite dry. Now becareful, this chilli is HOT.. and I have thick tongue because I love to eat ridiculously large amount of chilli but this I tell you, is different. What you do is that you put a small amount of chilli into your pan me and mix it with the noodle.


This is how it looks after you mix in the chilli. It taste DAMN GOOD. Seriously. It’s sinfully delicious after you mix in the chilli, the egg, the mushroom, anchovies… but every single time I’d suffer a stomach burn after and it’ll last until the next day. That’s how hot it is. But, can someone enlighten me on the ‘halal’ ness of the food? I’d love to know if other food has pork or not but obviously the pan mee I had does not contain any pork in it, but you have to request the halal one or they’ll give you the one with meat.

Looking at the pictures is making my mouth waters already.

Restoran Super Kitchen Chilly Pan Mee

Jalan PJU5/4, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
T: 03-6141 7398 , 03-2697 0998

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