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Happy belated Halloween!

Even though it’s like 2 weeks after Halloween already. But that is not going to stop me from blogging about my favorite holiday. Now Halloween in Malaysia is not really celebrated like Americans do. Sure we have some Halloween themed parties at clubs but there’s no trick or treating, no kids would come to your door, and you won’t have to spend a lot on candies, and no house would be decorated with spooky decor, except maybe a few of people. But to compare with a decade ago, people have started to know Halloween better now.

Halloween is my favorite holiday because I love anything spooky or horror related. Each Halloween eve and day I would spend my time with watching horror movies and some Halloween toons on TV (which is a whole day marathon of The Simpson Treehouse of Horror). But this year I decided to spend a little bit on some imported Halloween candies that I bought at Ikano Power Center.

halloween candies

They all ended up costing me around Rm20-RM30 or so. So what did I get? Hmm… Pixy Stix, Bubbaloo bubble gums, Atomic Fireball, Air Heads, Jolly Ranchers hard candies, Wonka Nerds, Gilliam stick candy, Fluffy Stuff cotton candy pops and some Halloween themed lollipops consisting of 5 in a pack of ‘Lots a Spooks’ – A pumpkin, 2 white ghosts and 2 Frankenstein heads …. and a skull lollipop.

Pixy Stix – This is nothing special to me though. It’s basically some tangy sugary powder in straw-like packets and what you do is you just open it, and put it all in your mouth.

Air Heads (Flavor – Green Apple) – Air Heads is normal to me, like a normal chewy candy with green apple flavor. I like the taste though.

Wonka Nerds (Flavor – Lemonade/Wild Cherry) – I haven’t opened up this one, but I’ve tasted Nerds before, and it’s an interesting candy. Small irregular shaped candies that has lots of different flavors. Bigger boxes of Nerds come in 2 different flavors.

Jolly Ranchers – I looooove Jolly Ranchers’ hard candies. When I bought it, it came in a pack of a few of different flavored Jolly Ranchers like watermelon, etc. Sorry I forgot what flavors there are, but I love them.

Bubbaloo Bubble Gums – The red packets is strawberry but I forgot the pink one.. but these are bubble gums with liquid in the center, so when you chew it’ll ‘burst out liquid’ which is quite nice actually.

Fluffy Stuff Lollipop (Flavor – Cotton Candy) – Just like it says, it taste like cotton candy. It’s actually nice, but way sweet.

Gilliam Stick Candy (Flavor – Root Beer) – I picked out root beer flavor but there are quite a few flavors available. It taste like… root beer, lol but I like it.

Lollipops – The skull one tasted like root beer and something sweet.. it’s very nice actually. Too bad it’s a Halloween candy, so when I went back today, it was gone. And the 5 in 1 Lots*a*Spooks lollipops taste very sweet. But it’s cute. It’s actually a gift pack, hence the nicely wrapped package with ribbon and a ‘card’ .  Cost about Rm 7-ish at Cold Storage.

Atomic Fireball – HELL IN MOUTH! That’s what I like to call it. It’s a cinnamon hard candy, a jawbreaker. And a word of warning, it’s EXTREMELY HOT. I repeat, EXTREMELY HOT. The moment it was in my mouth, it was kinda sweet and well, cinnamon flavored until about 30 seconds later then my tongue started burning.. then it became hotter and hotter until my tongue became numb. Now, I’ve never heard of Atomic Fireball before so I was expecting the hotness/spicyness would subside soon, and it’ll actually become sweet but nope, half an hour later my tongue was still burning like hell and I had to spit it out, wash my tongue and eat a Jolly rancher. I ended up with stomach discomfort for a while because of the hotnesss. The thing about this candy is that, you can prank people with it. Ask them to pop one in their mouth and watch their reactions 😉 A little torture device disguised as a candy.

So that’s my review for some candies/lollipops that I got for Halloween. I’ll be reviewing some more candies soon.

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