Chocolate or Molten Lava Cake/Petit Gateau/Moelleux au Chocolat


Wow. I have been abandoning this website for ages! My last update was last March. I have been really busy with stuff – house renovation, finding work and things like that. Now I’m trying my best to get back into blogging about food. I always take pictures when I eat and I always think about what I want to blog here but I ended up not doing it 🙁 I have piles of photos and pending blogs I need to write about but never got around to do it. Well, lately I’ve been into baking and stuff. We renovated our kitchen and now my kitchen is all nice. Because of this, I started to experiment with baking and I’m loving it. So I told to myself, I need to share this in my long abandoned food blog and need to revive this again.

So let’s start!

Chocolate Lava Cake/Molten Lava Cake/Petit Gateau/Moelleux au Chocolat

If you like Domino’s I’m sure you know about their super awesome and super delicious ‘Chocolate Lava Cake‘. It’s my favorite. They did it so well that it became my must-order food whenever I order Domino’s. So today, after craving chocolate for the whole day, I decided to experiment with my own lava cake and the result was surprisingly good!

The recipe is simple. I still need to perfect this though. The first four ramekins turned out gooey.. there was no cake but just gooey chocolate after you try to take the cake out. I think I put way too much butter inside the ramekins. It was still good but the chocolate kind of makes you sick.. too much chocolate is also not that good. I only had some batter left just enough for one last ramekin. I reduced the amount of butter for the ramekin and baked it for 14 minutes instead of 12. And the result?

It actually looked like a cake!!

And I could see the gooey chocolate in the middle so I knew this last experiment worked. So I cut it in half and guess what?

Out came the chocolate goodness oozing like the lava from the volcano!

Yay! My experiment was a success. The chocolate tasted sooooooo good. I definitely would try this again. If you’re interested in trying out this chocolate lava cake, check out this youtube video. This is the simple recipe I tried out.

Good luck!

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