Review: McDonald’s Jalan Kuala Kangsar, Ipoh

This has been an overdue post. I was supposed to blog about this back in November 2011 but I have been extremely busy plus struck with mood swings and depression, this post has been delayed.

FINALLY, a McDonald’s outlet has been opened nearby my place! You have no idea how happy I was when I found this out. You see, about 2-3 years ago, there was only 1, I repeat, ONE McD in town. No drivethrough, plus the traffic is always congested there, no place to park.. overall I hate going there. Then one by one McD started to pop up. Nearest to me is at Jusco area.. which, even using the highway, is not that near. Then I heard a new one is being built nearby my place (about 5 minutes of driving if there’s no traffic) and damn, I was overjoyed.

I have been watching the construction from the beginning. I use that road a lot so it’s hard not to watch the building being built while you count the days and wait in anticipation. Seriously.

It’s actually very interesting to see that site, used to be a flower shop, being demolished until the building is built. That’s how much I was looking forward to it.

And boy, the excitement just increased when you don’t see those walls anymore and you actually see the building, 85% done now. Just waiting for the days for it to open. I think it took about 3 months for the whole construction from demolishing the previous building to the opening.

A day after the opening, I went there for breakfast with my mom and my mom’s friend. The place is very colorful. It does feel like a cheerful fast food restaurant and also a cozy cafe. Not bad.

There were colorful balloons, walls, everything. The place was however quite small, but not too small.

There was also a small playground for kids. Beside it there’s another area, more like a lounge? It’s more comfortable in there. The chairs are more comfortable inside too.

We sat there until lunch hour and boy, it started to go crazy. The place was packed with people during lunch hour. It was so crowded and so loud that I got annoyed, haha. I think we must have spent over 3 hours just watching people and talking.

I even spent my new year’s eve there with my friend. Back in December when I had to work mostly outside, I could say every 2 days or so I would stop by and buy my prosperity burger. I can consider myself a regular customer 😛 I should get special regular customer discount or something haha.

However, I have a bad memory when one night where after buying my food there, as I was going out of the traffic light, some idiot taxi driver stopped for what he thought was red light (it was for another junction) and BAM, I crashed into him. So in turn, I wrecked the front of my very new car, and got fined RM300. Some justice huh? I can’t talk much about this because it hurts too much.

This is Mr. Indy. He introduced himself as the franchisee of this McDonald’s. When he saw me taking pictures inside and outside, he stopped to ask me and then we talked a bit. He’s a very nice and friendly guy. I’m so surprised though because he looks so young. That’s when I found out this McDonald’s is a franchise. If I’m not mistaken, I received a flyer earlier this month that they had the official opening. I missed that however.

Well thank you for making my wish come true… been hoping that a McD would open near me for ages.

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