Kracie Popin’ Cookin’ Sushi DIY Candy Set Review

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If you’ve never heard of Kracie’s Popin’Cookin’ DIY set from Japan and you’re a candy lover, you’ve been missing out! These are the funnest and most creative do-it-yourself candy set that who else could create but the Japanese.


Ever since I watched youtube video by the popular user RRcherrypie, I’ve been hooked! These candy sets are AMAZING… I repeat, AMAZING. What you can do with it, and how it turns out at the end is just mindblowing. Who knew you could do these realistic looking miniature food set with just packets of powder?

Here’s the video of this sushi set from RRCherryPie. You can see how awesome the candy is.

This set does not contain any animal product so therefore it’s quite ‘halal‘ but if you know another set called the ‘ramen’ set, that one isn’t halal. That one has gelatin.

UPDATE: Sushi set contains GELATIN, and confirmed by Kracie in my email to them, it derived from animal origin (pig). So unfortunately Sushi set is confirmed NOT HALAL. Bummer.

This post is heavy on pictures so I have to put the rest of this entry under a cut. Below the cut I’ve written extensive review on the set. Sorry that the pictures aren’t quite clear because I took them with my phone and there was insufficient lighting. Click below to continue reading about this awesome candy!


The back of the box has the detailed instruction on the whole process. It’s beginner Japanese so if you have some knowledge in Japanese you wouldn’t have trouble reading it. I could read and understand the instruction perfectly. However, if you have no knowledge in Japanese at all, either you can use this blog as a guide or watch the videos in youtube for visual display!

Here is what the packaging looks like straight out of the box. I just noticed the word above in that yellow box and it says ‘Dekita osushi wa, koko ni moritsukete ne!‘ which means that after you’re done, you serve your sushi on that table image on that package. I didn’t notice that before, haha.

This is what you’ll get in that package. You see the tray, the powders, the gummy and the tools (spatula & dropper).

Closeup on the powders. There are 6 packets altogether. Let me lay down the what each packet is for according to the picture above:

Blue (Gohan no moto) – This is for making the rice
Yellow (Tamago no moto) – This is for making the egg
Green & Orange (Ikura no moto A & B) – This is for making the fish roe/egg
Pink (Maguro no moto) – This is for making the tuna
Brown (Shouyu no moto) – This is for making the ‘soy sauce’. Earlier sets don’t have this. You could also get ‘furikake’ which are colored sprinkles.

1. The first step is to take ‘Gohan no moto’ or the blue packet and mix it with with water. There’s a line in the tray that indicates the amount of water you need to put. Don’t go over that line. It really does look like rice! If I remember correctly this one taste like bubblegum? It has a very soft texture.. it’s really nice to hold! It’s so soft and squishy that you just wanna squeeze the hell out of it… but don’t haha or you’ll ruin the rice.

2. Next you take the yellow packet (Tamago no moto) and mix it with water. Once mixed, you leave it to harden.

3. Next you do the same thing with the pink packet (Maguro no moto) just like the tamago no moto and you leave it to harden roughly for about 10 minutes. You just continue with other things while it hardens.

4. Then you take the small square thing in the packet which is sorta like a gummy. This is for the nori (seaweed). There’s a section on that packaging where there’s a template for the nori. You take the gummy out and shape it according to the template’s size.

5. Now here comes the best and fun part! I LOOOOOOVE this part so much. You’ll see why. First  you take the green and orange packet (Ikura no moto) to make the fish roe.  You put them in tray A and tray B and mix with water. the blue water is tray A and the orange water is tray B.

6. HERE’S THE FUN PART!! You take the dropper/squeezer, whatever you call it, and you suck the water from tray A and then you drip the water into tray B. What this would do is, it will create little balls as soon as the orange water touches the blue water in tray A. The effect is soooo cool! Cute little balls. Just watching this chemical reaction is just mindblowing. So amazing.

7. Tada! Instant sweet fish roe! This has like a sweet and tangy taste.. the water is quite tangy. Love it.

8. Then you take your rice that you made earlier and shape them into small pieces of sushi. There’s also a template for this on the packaging.

9. Then you take the nori you made earlier and wrap it around your sushi. This is totally up to you on how you wanna wrap your sushi. I just wrapped it around one sushi only. This ‘nori’ has the strongest taste of grape.

10. Time to assemble them! You put the fish roe onto your sushi.

11. And the tamago/egg.

12. And the maguro/tuna.

13. Chop up the tamago and maguro and put it on top of the sushi along with ikura. This is called ‘chirashi’.

14. Tada! Sushi is almost done! They look so real and so pretty. And they smell really nice too. There’s only one last step. This don’t apply on earlier box of this sushi set. Earlier boxes might not have any extra and some might have colored sprinkles. If you would search on youtube for ’emmymadeinjapan’, her set had ‘furikake‘ which is the colored sprinkles.

15. Now you take the shouyu no moto and mix it with water. This ‘shouyu’ is very sweet. Then you use the dropper to take the shouyu.

16. Then you put it onto your sushi. It does give an extra sweet taste which in my opinion made the tamago and maguro a lot nicer. Without the shouyu on tamago and maguro, they don’t taste that nice. The texture isn’t that nice either compared to the soft squishy rice and the sweet and tangy fish roe.

17. TADA! ALL DONE! Too bad all that effort is finished in my mouth in 5 seconds T___T

Overall, it was a really fun do-it-yourself candy set that you can make into miniature sushi. Only Japanese can think of something cool like this. Only in Japan. This is like a cool science experiment that you can eat  after you’re done. For little kids, this might be difficult and would need adult supervision but for adults, it’s fun! It’s not like normal candy where you open the packet and eat it and it’ll be finished in minutes.. pssssh B-O-R-I-N-G… it took me almost 3o minutes-ish to make this set but it was all worth it. It was so much fun.

Stayed tuned for my next Popin’Cookin’ review! I still have 2 boxes left – bento set and cupcakes!

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