RM5 Supreme Angus Steakhouse @ Burger King

Anybody getting this tomorrow??

I’m not a big fan of burger king due to the expensive burgers. However I’m so getting this tomorrow! It’s like the last time when they had the RM1 whopper! Click here to read my RM1 Whopper review.

It was such a hit that I had to wait in a very long queue only to be told that whopper was sold out! Only consolation was that I get to claim the burger in the next 4 days and because I bought an expensive meal set because I was starving after the long queue, I got 2 stamps so therefore I got to claim 2 burgers for only RM1 each!

I hope it won’t be the same for tomorrow and they have enough stock. But now a new burger king outlet has opened in Ipoh so there’s 2 instead of 1 so at least people won’t flock to only 1 outlet. We’ll see tomorrow.

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