Burger King’s Supreme Angus Steakhouse Burger Review

I took the opportunity of the RM5 burger for Supreme Angus Steakhouse at Burger King.

I left house at 5 pm and luckily I reached there in time, just before 6 pm because the offer is until 6 pm only. Apparently the old Burger King outlet near Kinta City mall at the De Garden is no longer available? So the only place would be at Jalan Gopeng, the new outlet. Is the one at De Garden closed permanently or temporarily for construction/renovation? So I rushed to Jalan Gopeng despite scary lightning strikes here and there.

It’s actually very small but it has a drive-thru. It’s next to McDonald’s. So I went to the drive-thru and ordered my Supreme Angus Steakhouse. The condition is that I have to buy a medium sized drink to get the burger at that price so the total cost is RM8.60. Quite expensive I’ll say. So then I quickly rushed home.

It looked like a normal burger. Normal size. But since I chose the black pepper flavor it does have the strong black pepper sauce smell.. just like prosperity burger and I’m a huge fan of prosperity burger from McDonald’s. Just smelling the black pepper sauce alone couldn’t keep me from salivating in my mouth.

When I opened the wrapper, boy am I surprised!

Meat lover would absolutely LOVE it. I mean the portion of the meat is HUGE, bigger than the burger itself. The black pepper sauce was just spilling out. The melted cheese adds the color to the meat. The smell.. oh gosh.. I’m even salivating right now as I’m writing this. For RM5 offer, it was definitely and totally worth it. It looks meaty enough. And yes, it was super delicious! I totally loved it, especially the amount of beef. It was definitely a nice change from McDonald’s.

Now that it’s easier to drive-thru at this Burger King outlet compared to the one at De Garden, I might stop by again. They do have delicious selection of burgers if I want a change from McDonald’s. I’m bored with McD. If only they weren’t so expensive.


BURGER KING® Jalan Gopeng

No. 200A Burger Houz,
Jalan Dr. Nazrin Shah, 31350, Ipoh.

Tel: 05-311 1132
Operation Hours: 24 hours

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