Serai Sate Kajang @ Medan Ipoh Bestari, Ipoh

Who doesn’t love satay? I’m sure satay is one of the favorites among meat lovers. Of course we all know the famous Satay Kajang Hj Samuri and for Ipoh people, some of you would know the very popular Satay Endut.

Ipoh has been growing rapidly for the past 2-3 years and lots of new restaurants popped up.. one of them being Serai Sate Kajang (Lemongrass Kajang Satay). I don’t think it’s related to Hj Samuri. There’s another satay kajang restaurant opened in Jalan Gopeng which I will review one day. But on my birthday last Saturday (25th February), I decided to eat satay as sort of like a birthday late lunch. BOY WAS THAT A TERRIBLE AND BAD IDEA!

It was around 4-5 pm, and the place was empty. One thing I despise when buying satay at this restaurant is the waiting time. It’s like waiting to grow a beard. It was like eternity!

Staff? WHAT STAFF? This is the part that I’m very pissed about. Here comes the problem. According to my mom, there was a few staff there taking order.. but not one of them gave a fuck.. most were just young boys sitting and chatting while SMOKING. They’re so inefficient and ignorant that when we left the place, they got our orders wrong! We ordered 10 pieces of chicken satay and 10 pieces of beef satay but what did we get? 5 pieces of chicken and 5 pieces of beef! What the hell? So I had to make a u-turn and went back to the store. They were very lucky I wasn’t dressed up to get out of the car or else I would’ve given them a piece of my mind for being so careless.

Mom complaint and added 10 pieces of beef to the new order and without any apology or anything, they proceed with the new order. NO APOLOGY? You fucking made me u-turn for your own damn mistakes and you didn’t even bother to give an apology? How rude.

So not wanting to receive another wrong order, she asked to check what they wrote them. Mother of mercy. Guess what? For the 2nd effing time, they got the order wrong AGAIN. The dumbass wrote 10 chicken and 10 beef when my mom only asked for 10 beef.  Again, they were really lucky that I wasn’t there to really bitch at their lazyness and inefficiency. If you want to smoke and chit chat with your co-workers, go to a damn bar. Did they not receive any training? How did they get hired in the first place?

The beef satay was very dry and hard and trust me, barely chewable! I had such a hard time chewing that crap that I wonder if it’ll ever get digested in my stomach or just form a big clump of undigested lemongrass satay meat. The chicken was alright. What we realized then was that instead of them costing RM0.70 per stick, it’s now RM0.85 per stick. For very dry and hard beef satay at that price? It’s ridiculous.

Here comes my second problem. The peanut sauce/gravy. What I love about Satay Kajang Hj Samuri is the thick sauce with crunchy peanuts. It’s supposed to be that way but noooo. This place has very runny sauce that it’s almost like dipping the satay into a bowl of colored tap water. Not only that, the crunchy peanut was non-existent. Instead of crunchy, the peanut was so soft that it didn’t taste anything.. it just dissolves in your mouth without you realizing it.

The sauce is EXTREMELY SWEET. By extremely I mean that it has the potential to give you DIABETES. Yes, it was that sweet! It was so disgusting and gross. Luckily you could put the chilli paste/sambal in it and I had to put at least 6-8 spoonful of chilli paste to make it extra hot, but even that wouldn’t drown the taste of sweetness. When my mom asked them, they said it’s meant to be very sweet. People likes it. And people wonder why majority of Malaysians have diabetes….. seriously… you guys like sweet peanut sauce? Really?

But apart from the ridiculous waiting time, the increased price, inefficient staff, the diabetes-causing peanut sauce, the extra hard and dry beef satay, my consolation is that I love the taste of the lemongrass. It gave such a great taste/flavor to the satay meat that it’s delicious on its own..without dipping it into any sauce. Usually I’ll just eat it on its own…unless you don’t like lemongrass then the taste might not please your taste bud.

“Gardenia… so good you can even eat it on its own”.. eh wait, wrong jingle, wrong product. Oops.

Overall, I had a terrible time with this restaurant and it’s extremely lousy and unfriendly service and this wasn’t the first time. I have not seen any improvements but instead they got worse. Not going back there again, thank you.


Jalan Medan Ipoh 1E,
Medan Ipoh Bestari,
31400 Ipoh

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