The Birthday Dinner @ Secret Recipe Kinta City, Ipoh

Last February 25th was my birthday. So on March 1st I decided to have sort of like a late birthday dinner after that awful experience at Serai Satay Kajang. So I went to Kinta City’s Secret Recipe with my mom because I’ve been craving lasagna.

One thing I really love about Secret Recipe is the cake. Who doesn’t love their super awesome cakes and cheesecakes? But here’s a story. Recently I had their cakes – a slice of durian cake and strawberry marshmallow cheesecake. The durian cake was frozen – I mean so frozen that you don’t taste their durian or cake but instead chunks of ice. And then the cheesecake. Strawberry marshmallow cheesecake is my favorite so I know very well how it taste like but the one I had was SOUR. The kind of sour taste that you get in expired milk or cheese.. it was really bad. But since I had already bought it, I ate it all. I even told my mom about it.

My stomach has very low tolerance for expired stuff. So I knew the cheesecake had in fact gone bad when at 3 am in the morning I started having a serious case of extreme diarrhea. I was praying for no vomiting so thank God, I didn’t. I hate vomiting. But the diarrhea was so bad that I felt all the liquid in my body had been drained. And it went on for 2 days. It was my worst case of food poisoning. I wasted like RM60 at the clinic. And what’s even worse, was that on that day I was supposed to work at an event. So my whole day was ruined from going back and forth to the even, clinic, and stuff because my stomach was hurting so bad.

Pissed off, I emailed Secret Secret. Shortly after I received a reply, sent them my scanned receipt, and they claimed they’d do an investigation and all that. I received a call from a person from the store I bough it at (Secret Recipe @ The Syuen Hotel, Ipoh) and said they’d give complimentary slice of cake or something? But I didn’t call the person back, lost her number and I guess they’ve forgotten.

But turned out, I wasn’t the only one with a case of bad cheesecakes that tastes sour.

So anyways.

So once my palate is accepting Secret Recipe again, I ordered a slice of their Black Forest cheesecake. The taste of the cheese, and the jam, and the dark sweet cherry filling plus chocolates just melts in your mouth. It was so awesome. It was so sinfully delicious. Gosh just writing about it right now makes my mouth waters. If I wasn’t lazy, and it didn’t just rain, I’d go out and get me a slice right now.

The drink I could never go without at Secret Recipe would be the OREO MILKSHAKE. I can never get enough of this. It’s quite a bad idea if you’re having cakes with it, because it’s very thick and creamy but I never cared. I have to thank my friend for introducing me to this drink. Big oreo lover here.

My favorite of all! This is my second favorite actually.. my first favorite would be their Chicken Cordon Bleu but I was craving lasagna. At first I thought their lasagna is small.. but the meat is very filling so it was just nice. It’s all just meat in there.. I barely tasted the lasagne pasta. Just meat. They also give you a bun so you could dip it into the yummy meat filling. I’m very big on cheese so I wish the cheese was a lot more.. 🙂

My mom ordered their Tom Yum Noodle. I think it cost about RM14 or 15? For that price, you really get what you’re paying. The portion of the noodle is HUGE.. it comes in a HUGE bowl. I think for light eater like my mom, the bowl can feed 2 people. They’re generous with the ingredients too.. especially mushroom. I love mushrooms. The tom yam soup is a bit sour and spicy so for those who don’t like spicy, be careful. I love it spicy.

Overall it was a good meal for my birthday dinner compared to the last one at Serai Satay Kajang.


F62, 1st Floor,
Kinta City Shopping Centre,
No. 2, Jalan Teh Lean Swee,
Off Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah Utara,
31400 Ipoh, Perak.

Tel: 05-548 0298
Opening Hours: 10.30 AM-10.30 PM (Daily)


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