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For Ipoh people, last Thursday was a big day because it was the opening of a new mall in Ipoh after over a decade of having just 1 decent mall to shop at. The new mall, Aeon (formerly known as Jusco) is located at Station 18. And it’s huge. The largest mall in Ipoh. So because of the new mall, it has opened up its doors for new business ventures in Ipoh. This means, new restaurants for Ipoh people!

The first Nando’s branch in Ipoh! I’m so excited about this because I have a friend who also loves Nando’s. I only had one chance to go to Nando’s while in KL because none of my friends preferred eating there. Looking forward to do some food review there.

I used to be SO EXCITED about Sakae Sushi until I found out that it’s not halal.. meaning they put alcohol in their sushi. I was so crushed because Sakae Sushi is one of my favorite sushi restaurants ever. I need to clarify what I can and cannot eat later at Sakae Sushi.

There’s also new opening for Tako Tao (my favorite!), Wendy’s (my most wished restaurant!) and Papa John’s pizza. It’s amazing and mind-boggling that all of these opened in Ipoh because these are my favorite restaurants and I had never expected they would open a branch in Ipoh – what used to be a very dead town. At least I’m glad we have more options for food outlet. Hopefully there will be more in the future.

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