D’Rosni Instant Moist Chocolate Cake Flour Review

Ever since Mydin has opened 2 new branches in Ipoh, I’m finally able to see local (bumiputra) made products that you can’t find in normal supermarkets. The good thing about Mydin is that it’s like a portal for smaller business to actually market their less known products in a big shopping mall.

I’ve always ignore less known products because sometimes I doubt the quality of their products. But lately I’ve found some hidden gems that has become my all time favorites.

There was an exhibition at Mydin for local & smaller entrepreneurs last July and we get to taste their food. One of the foods that I tasted was this D’Rosni Chocolate Moist Cake Mix. I would say the moment I tasted it, I was in chocolate moist heaven! It really was moist topped with the creamy thick chocolate ganache topping, YUMMY.

So this Hari Raya, I decided to buy and try it.

D'Rosni Instant Moist Chocolate Cake Flour Review

The instruction isn’t hard. You just add in a few things like eggs, condensed milk, butter/oil and water if I remember correctly and mix it with a wooden spoon then bake it. I was in a hurry so I might have made a ‘booboo’ here and there because the cake sort of stuck to the pan because it was soft and moist but taste-wise, I was very pleased!

What differs with other mix is that this mix also comes with chocolate topping that you need to mix with a couple of ingredients to make the chocolate ganache so you don’t have to find and melt your own chocolate. That’s just awesome. And my cake, even with the small ‘booboo’, it turned out awesomely yummy and moist!

D'Rosni Instant Moist Chocolate Cake Flour Review

It’s creamy. I’ve tried other moist cake but eh, they didn’t fit my perception of how I feel a moist cake should be…but this moist cake just tops it all. It’s very easy to make and it tastes really great! I would definitely buy this again. Unfortunately I forgot how much I bought it, because Mydin had some discount but I’m guessing it was around Rm5-8 but it’s totally worth it.

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