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I love candy, don’t you? Who doesn’t, right?

I remember early this year when I went back to PJ, and I went to 1Utama and I saw a sign that says a new store called Candylicious would open tomorrow.. unfortunately I went back on the opening day so I couldn’t check it out. Since then I’ve been wanting to go there and about 3 weeks ago I went on a trip with my friend back to KL and realized Candylicious is also available at KLCC so off we went on a candy shopping spree.

Candylicious KLCC

When we found it, we were literally jumping like a spastic kid who found candyland. It was located on the lower ground floor? It was on the same area of the tunnel towards the convention center, nearby banks, Cold Storage, Sephora and all that. After we went shopping and having our late lunch and dinner there, and wasting time at kinokuniya, then we went on candy shopping spree.

Of course, I’m quite broke now so I didn’t get much. And of course, as expected, candies there would be a little bit on the expensive side because they’re all imported. Look at what I got!

Candylicious KLCC

I took the picture at my hotel room so the colorization is a bit off but yeah, didn’t buy much but I bought what I’ve been craving for – REESE’S PEANUT BUTTER CUPS! Who doesn’t know Reese’s peanut butter cups right? Sadly, I’ve never tasted it because it’s not available in Malaysian market except for imported candy store like Cold Storage for example.

I bought –

  • 4 Reeses’s Peanut Butter Cups
  • 1 packet Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups miniatures
  • 2 Pop Rock lollipops (the lollipop with those popping rock candy and changes your tongue color) – in watermelon and blueberry if I’m not mistaken
  • 1 bag of mixed Jelly Belly 30 flavors bean

And all those came to a total of about RM60-ish. And I got a box of sweet and salty barks which are just chocolate with nuts and mini pretzels FOR FREE. My mom liked it so much she finished the whole box. My friend went crazy and bought a lot more candies.

Reese’s peanut butter cups are damn yummy. It’s of course, peanut butter covered with chocolate.. which is absolutely delicious. I wish I can go back there and buy more Reese’s.  Hopefully soon. But yeah, it was a fun trip, and it was fun being the overly excited big kid in the colorful candyland. 🙂 Next time, I hope I can check out the one in 1Utama.

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