Kenny Rogers Roasters @ AEON Kinta City, Ipoh

Ahhh chicken!

Kenny Rogers Roasters @ AEON Kinta City Ipoh

I think those who love having a healthy hearty meal would most probably have heard of Kenny Rogers Roasters. According to wikipedia:

Kenny Rogers Roasters is a brand which covers a chain of chicken-based restaurants. It was founded in 1991 by country musician Kenny Rogers and John Y. Brown, Jr., who was former governor of the U.S. state of Kentucky. John Y. Brown Jr. had also been an investor in Kentucky Fried Chicken from 1964 to 1971.

The menu of Kenny Rogers Roasters was originally centered on wood-firedrotisserie chicken. After closing all of its US operations and a series of ownership changes, Kenny Rogers Roasters now operates principally in Asia and is now part of Malaysian conglomerate Berjaya Corporation Berhad. The Kenny Rogers Roasters brand comes under a worldwide franchise owned by Kenny Rogers Roasters International Corporation, a subsidiary of Roasters Asia Pacific (Cayman) Limited which itself is ultimately owned by Berjaya Corporation Berhad.

So there’s a little bit history on KRR. I didn’t know who Kenny Rogers is, so when I heard a singer of the same name, I thought to myself, no way.. he could not be connected to the chicken-based restaurant chains.. well I was wrong. Haha.

Kenny Rogers Roasters @ AEON Kinta City Ipoh

Last week I was hungry and had no idea what to eat. So I went to AEON Kinta City and just wandered alone when I finally decided to eat KRR. I haven’t had it in quite a while so I thought it would be nice to just relax for a bit, sit alone and enjoy a healthy meal of delicious roasted chicken. It was about an hour before the peak dinner hours so the restaurant was not crowded.

Kenny Rogers Roasters @ AEON Kinta City Ipoh

Kenny Rogers Roasters in AEON Kinta City Ipoh is located on the ground floor, at a corner lot near the elevator and near AEON (formerly known as Jusco). You can’t miss it. It used to be on the second floor long ago but they’ve moved it which is good because it used to be quite hidden and lonely.

Kenny Rogers Roasters @ AEON Kinta City Ipoh

The interior decoration is nice, bright and cozy and has like a red or maroon theme. When it’s not crowded, it’s very cozy but during peak hours, it does feel crowded. It’s divided into two sections, the other side with the kitchen and serving area and one side as the dining area.

Kenny Rogers Roasters @ AEON Kinta City Ipoh

Kenny Rogers Roasters @ AEON Kinta City Ipoh

I chose a very corner and lonely table, so I was facing the wall which has 3 pictures of the singer Kenny Rogers hanging on the wall. The ‘window’ seats are lovely because there’s a section with ‘open window’ and one with transparent glass ‘window’ so you can see people walking around doing their shopping or passing by, and at the same time they can see you eat too. In a way, you can make them drool. I always feel that when I pass by people eating haha.

Kenny Rogers Roasters @ AEON Kinta City Ipoh

Kenny’s Home-Made Banana Raisin Muffin

Apart from their obvious roasted chicken signature dish, they also have their signature home-made muffins. I LOVE their muffins. It’s so delicious and fluffly. They have 6 different flavors that you can choose from – vanilla, chocolate, banana, pandan, mocha and orange. I decided to choose banana. You’ll get a muffin of your choice if you choose their chicken meals set.

They have a wide variety of tasty, delicious yet healthy menu! I can never open their menu without drooling at each one of their delicious looking food. You can get everything here – from delicious light selection like soup, salad to sandwiches to pasta to chicken meals to mouth-watering desserts.  I had their mushroom soup before and it was so thick, so flavorful, SO YUMMY.

Kenny Rogers Roasters @ AEON Kinta City Ipoh

Kenny’s Quarter Meal – RM18.50

But you can’t go to KRR without having their chicken. So I went for their Kenny’s Quarter Meal which consist of Roasted 1/4 chicken with 3 side dishes of your choices & 1 Kenny’s Home-made Muffin. I chose my favorite 3 side dishes – mac & cheese, mashed potato with gravy and coleslaw. Do I even need to mention how delicious they are? The cheesy-ness of the mac & cheese, and the soft, creamy mashed potato and flavorful tangy coleslaw?

For the chicken, I chose the original gravy (which is mushroom gravy) but with added extra bowl of black pepper gravy. Both gravy added compliments to the already succulent, tender roasted chicken. Perfection. The portion however was big for me that I think it can be shared by 2 people. It took me a while to finish it. So that means the price of the set meal of RM18.50 (about USD $6) is definitely worth it. I didn’t order any drinks though since I brought my own so I just had sky juice (aka plain iced water).

Kenny Rogers Roasters @ AEON Kinta City Ipoh

The waiters were courteous and nice, even though one mistakenly sent a wrong order to my table. Like I mentioned, it wasn’t during peak hours so they weren’t too busy. I did however have a problem before with the slow cashier. There were too many people queuing at that time but only one cashier, and they did a mistake with the bill and it took such a long time for them to rectify the mistake. I’m not sure if the cashier part has improved but I’ve seen more courteous cashier at other places. Didn’t even say thank you and smile, at least not that I can remember.

Kenny Rogers Roasters @ AEON Kinta City Ipoh

Kenny Rogers Roasters @ AEON Kinta City Ipoh

Before writing this entry, I didn’t know the story behind KRR. Apparently, it’s now owned by Malaysia based Berjaya Corp and from what I read, its last US-based restaurant in Ontario, California had closed down December 31st 2011, so that means it’s now mainly an Asia thing.Well, from what I can see, it’s doing great. It’s always packed during lunch and dinner hours. It even delivers now.

Other branches in Ipoh are at Ipoh Parade and AEON Station 18.

Ah, now I feel like having it again.

@ AEON (Jusco) Kinta City Ipoh

Lot G01&G45, Ground Floor,
Kinta City Shopping Centre
Jalan Teh Lean Swee, Ipoh Garden,
31400 Perak

Tel: 05-547 8500

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