Halloween Ideas: Graverobber Pudding Cup Treats by Yoyomax12

Halloween is coming up in just a couple of days! I absolutely LOVE Halloween.
I found some great recipe and ideas for Halloween if you’re planning a Halloween party this week. I found this delicious treat idea that you can make by yoyomax12.

Yoyomax12 Graverobber Pudding Cup Treat

Don’t they look sinfully delicious?

I think it’s an awesome idea. You can find chocolate pudding mix at the store or you can make your own from scratch as the base.
You can find the oreo cookie crumbs sold at bakery stores, it comes in a packet already crushed but you can also buy those oreo cookies and crush them yourself.
It’s a bit tricky though with the skeleton mold. Not all places have them, either you can try to find the mold online or draw the bones yourself with chocolate on a piece of parchment paper. It’ll look better if you can find the mold though.

The candy you can use anything. Of course we have flavored colored candies here, or you can just use white milk chocolate and mix with food color. Or just get the Wilton candy melts wherever you can find Wilton products.

As for the cookie, you can just basically use any cookie you want, and cut it into the shape of tombstone. Basically, just get creative with it.
I might try this some time! It looks very interesting!

You can watch the how-to video by yoyomax12.

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