Baked Mac ‘N’ Cheese @ Sweet Chat Cafe, AEON Station 18, Ipoh

I LOVE anything with cheese. The only downside is that it’s fattening but nothing that taste good is gonna be good for your body anyway.

My friend came to visit me a couple of weeks ago and we decided to just waste time at AEON Station 18. We didn’t know what to do because it was still very early in the morning and both of us haven’t had breakfast yet so we decided to find a place to eat while we catch up on stuff. We decided on Sweet Chat Cafe.

The location of the store is at the end, at the corner and quite hidden on the ground floor so if you don’t walk that far, you won’t notice it. It’s overshadowed by bigger restaurants like Nando’s, Pizza Hut, Secret Recipe etc.


Since it was early in the morning (about 10.50 am), we were the first customers there. We looked at the menu and saw a set deal of the food at RM7.90 and they come with a glass of peach tea. I thought hey, why not? It’s quite cheap and the I saw my fave Baked Mac ‘N’ Cheese in the list so I wanted to try it. At that price, I wasn’t expecting good food.

Most of the stuff with chicken were not exactly available in the morning yet and if we wanted them we had to wait for a bit since they don’t cook the chicken there or something. We had lots of time to kill that day so that didn’t matter. So I ordered my Baked Mac ‘N’ Cheese which was available.


Iced Peach Tea

The peach tea tasted great! It’s of course tea with a hint of peach.


Baked Mac ‘N’ Cheese

My Baked Mac ‘N’ Cheese came after probably about 10-20 minutes. It looks awesome! And it tasted great too!

Thing is, with some Baked Mac ‘N’ Cheese, they could be salty, too cheesy and such. Theirs isn’t. It’s not too cheesy for me, which is great and not salty either. If you prefer stronger cheese taste,you might find this to be a bit on the ‘softer’ side or a bit bland. There are some broccoli and carrots in it. I don’t eat broccoli, but I find that they balance out the cheese taste so you don’t feel sick from eating too much cheese in that plate.. so for this plate, the broccoli is a great idea!

Definitely would try it again soon.


Spicy Beef Pasta

My friend had the ‘Spicy Beef Pasta‘ set and it looked delicious as well, though for me, I’d prefer more beef in that dish. I didn’t get to taste that so I can’t comment on the taste though but my friend said it’s not bad as well, and she finished the whole plate.

Other interesting thing to point out is that we were introduced to a selection of desserts, including durian-related desserts! Sounds so delicious. It was still too early in the day so I didn’t want any, and my friend is also not much of  durian fan, but I am so I might go back there again to taste some. We’ll see.


Overall, it was surprisingly not bad. Without the set menu, I think the ala carte food (of the same item) is a little bit expensive but the set menu is cheap, but other selection of food are so delicious so if you go there, you have to try the set deal if it’s still available. They have everything from rice dish to western food, like burgers, pasta, pies and more.



Aeon Ipoh Station 18
Lot  G61, Ground Floor, Aeon Ipoh Station 18
No.2, Susuran Stesen 108, Station 18
31650 Ipoh, Perak

Tel: 05-3217 310

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