Salam Ramadhan 2014

Salam Ramadhan 2014!

Sorry there has been a lack of updates for this blog for a while. Last month I’ve been very sick, and this month I’ve been very busy and also, it seems that during this Ramadhan, I’ve been very tired that I end up sleeping most of the time. My sleeping pattern has screwed up due to FIFA World Cup 2014 which ended last week (Germany! Woot!)

Eid celebration is about a week away. Wow, time sure flies so fast! Like so rapid! I miss the time when I was young and for the whole Ramadhan, you could feel the aura, the atmosphere, the great Ramadhan and Eid feeling. Now I feel it’s just like every other normal day. The only difference is you don’t get to eat, but I don’t feel like it’s Ramadhan or Eid celebration is coming up. 🙁

I have a few blog posts about Ramadhan bazaar that I want to share within the next few days! Just try to bear with me. I’m gonna be so busy next week with a lot of stuff to do, house cleaning, and preparation for Hari Raya.

Also, on a different note…

I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere and heartfelt condolences to the families of #MH17 passengers and crew that perished in the crash this week.

This year has been very hard for us Malaysians, and the issue with the missing #MH370 has not been solved yet and we have another tragedy that is so extreme that it’s hard for me to talk about it. I can’t imagine what the family must be feeling right now, to lose their loved ones, especially for Malaysian Muslims who will be celebrating Eid in a week. Must be so devastating.

May the souls rest in peace and al-fatihah to Muslim victims.
My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Justice for MH17!


Justice for MH17



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