1st Iftar @ Orchid Bistro, AEON Station 18 Ipoh

This was meant to be posted back in July, when Muslims were in the fasting month but I’ve been so busy, look how long this has been terribly delayed! My gosh.

For the first Ramadan, I was at AEON Station 18 just walking around. Then I realized we weren’t gonna make it home in time to break the fast because you’d need to buy or cook first right? And Station 18 is quite far from my house. So I managed to get my mom to agree that we’d break fast at any of the restaurants there.

Orchid Bistro @ AEON Station 18 Ipoh

We saw how crowded it was at Orchid Bistro AEON Station 18. We haven’t been to AEON S18 for quite a long time so we didn’t know that Orchid Bistro was opened. I was very surprised as I remember there used to be another restaurant there but I guess they closed down.

Orchid Bistro @ AEON Station 18 Ipoh

Curious, I lingered nearby to see what kind of menu they have. Since they were a lot of Chinese eating there, I thought it was a Chinese restaurant but turns out they serve all kinds of food, ranging from Asian favorites to Western dishes. At that time, there weren’t a lot of places with typical Asian foods. Mostly just fast food, western and very heavy dishes. Please don’t mention the food court because the food there are expensive yet mediocre. I have yet to find a food court food that I could be happy with. I used to like claypot noodles at some food courts but they’ve increased the price over the years and reduced the ingredients. Not worth the money anymore.

Orchid Bistro @ AEON Station 18 Ipoh

There was a cheerful, friendly and energetic server introducing the food they have. I have to say she managed to get me excited over one of my favorite Asian foods – Cantonese Kuey Teow. I haven’t eaten it in such a long time that I was drooling by just looking at the picture. After being persuaded for quite a while, I finally agreed to break my fast there and reserve a table.

We had to pay the full amount for our food in order to reserve a table. That means, should you change your mind to eat somewhere else after, then you’d lose your money because you’ve already paid for your food. My mom and I decided to share the food. We just thought we’d eat something light there for the sake of breaking the fast then go eat somewhere else after. She was also worried she wouldn’t like the food. My mom is very fussy eater. It’s very hard to please her palate.

We went in about 5-10 minutes before iftar time. It was still very crowded and one thing I really hate is the wait during Ramadhan. In some places, they will reserve all seats for fasting Muslims (usually they’d be fully booked if the restaurant is popular) so when you have to wait before you can break fast, everybody would be waiting with you as well. But in this case, only about 3-5 tables were reserved, the rest weren’t. So non-Muslims were enjoying the food while I could only drool and wait.

Now, I mentioned that because my drink came fast, even before the iftar time. My food didn’t come like 10-15 minutes or so later. So even after we could eat, I was still anxiously waiting for my food. They should’ve gotten the food ready for Muslim first as we had to break our fast as soon as we hear the Azan. I kept having to ask and pressure the busy waitresses for my order. So it was an agonizing 20-30 minutes or so of total waiting time for my food.

I also don’t understand why my food came late since we already placed and paid the order 35 minutes before iftar time. New customers came in while we were waiting but got their orders first. So I seriously don’t understand why.

Orchid Bistro @ AEON Station 18 Ipoh

Cantonese Kuey Teow – RM8.50

My Cantonese Kuey Teow looked delicious. The price is RM8.50 (at that time). As I’ve mentioned above, it’s hard to please my mom so her comment was that the food tasted bland for her taste. I’m used to Chinese food so I didn’t mind and thought it was delicious. Yes, it was a tad bland for my taste as well though. Maybe it would have been better with just a dash of salt. I couldn’t remember if I asked for any pepper or salt unfortunately. I was too hungry to even care! 🙂

The price was not bad, considering the amount of ingredients they gave – fishballs, fishcakes, prawns etc. For small eaters, maybe it’s a bit too much but for those with bigger appetite, I don’t think you should be worried about leaving less full. The portion was big and satisfying enough for two, let alone a single person.

Orchid Bistro @ AEON Station 18 Ipoh

Orange Juice – RM4.50

As I’ve mentioned, the orange juice came fast, but my food didn’t. So by the time my food arrived, I almost finished the drink. The drink was nice and refreshing. It’s orange juice so it tasted like…orange juice. Haha.

The bill came up to a total amount of RM14.30 inclusive of RM1.30 service charge.

Orchid Bistro @ AEON Station 18 Ipoh

Despite having a big crowd at that time, and it was stressful and busy as heck, the servers and (I assume) store manager were friendly and courteous so that’s a plus.

Hopefully next time I could go back and taste more food. The last time I went to AEON Station 18, it wasn’t as crowded as before. Maybe I can re-visit and do an updated review. Hopefully!

Orchid Bistro @ AEON Station 18

Lot G71, AEON Ipoh,
Station 18 Shopping Center,
No. 2, Susuran Station 18
31650 Ipoh.

Tel: 05-3219003

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  1. Jaja says:

    Ada halal cert tak?

    • *o* Tany *o* says:

      Hi Jaja, tak pasti pulak untuk outlet Ipoh ni.. tp in general, outlet Orchid Bistro lain ada cert halal (logo halal ada kat dalam banner dalam gambar di atas). 🙂

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