Chicken Chop RM5 @ The Red Western, Dataran MBI, Greentown, Ipoh

The Red Western Chicken Chop RM5 @ Dataran MBI, Greentown, Ipoh

I wanted to do more reviews this year. Well, that didn’t start well now, did it? This is the first review for year 2015 and it’s almost the end of January already. How time really flies. Anyway.

For this post, I’m gonna review the The Red Western RM5 chicken chop! Bet you’re going ‘huh?’ at the moment, am I right? Nowadays, everything’s expensive, especially food. I love western food so to get something like chicken chop at such a cheap price is like finding a rare hidden gem in the mud. But the question is, how good is the meal if it’s that cheap? How satisfying is it?

When I first heard it, I had my doubts. I was skeptical. I was very curious.

The Red Western Chicken Chop RM5 @ Dataran MBI, Greentown, Ipoh

The stall called ‘The Red Western‘ is located at Dataran MBI (MBI terrace) in Greentown Business Center area. The stall used to be around Jalan Kuala Kangsar from what I’ve heard.

Surprisingly, there was one other stall selling the same RM5 chicken chop (the one in front of Oldtown) but I’ve only seen bad reviews about them. When that stall sell it at RM5, they really mean RM5. You get what you pay. By that I mean a tiny amount of everything.

But not  at The Red Western. It’s located kind of like in the middle, with the yellow tent, in front of Great Eastern. Stall number 8.

The Red Western Chicken Chop RM5 @ Dataran MBI, Greentown, Ipoh

It’s of course a great place to hang out and enjoy your food. Nice seating, nice view, cool breeze. The place was already full when I arrived and I was lucky to get a seat.

The Red Western Chicken Chop RM5 @ Dataran MBI, Greentown, Ipoh

And this is how RM5 chicken chop looks like! Surprising, huh?

There’s of course the chicken chop. It’s the deep fried kind, not grilled. You also get some fries (not crispy, quite cold), some crackers (wasn’t crispy, kinda stale unfortunately), I forgot if they included anything else. Maybe some cucumbers. I can’t remember if there was any coleslaw. Should really jot some notes down or maybe just not delay the post for so long, huh?

The Red Western Chicken Chop RM5 @ Dataran MBI, Greentown, Ipoh

The chicken was quite crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Because there were so many customers, I had to wait about 30-40 minutes for my food, which was very disappointing. It was almost midnight, cold, and I was with my mom. She kept complaining that the food took so long and the service was slow. When they served newer customers first, that’s when we realized they had forgotten my order 🙁

I chose a mix of mushroom and black pepper gravy. I asked them extra gravy because I always prefer to have extra. They forgot at first, but when I asked, they gladly gave me extra gravy in 2 extra plates. Yummy. The gravy however, tasted a bit powdery, as if it was just the pre-made powder kind that you make with water, not freshly made which didn’t satisfy my palate. The mushroom one was bland and the black pepper wasn’t ‘peppery’ or hot enough to my liking. Understandable though. You can’t be picky about a budget meal. But apart from that, it was still a satisfying meal for RM5!

I didn’t order any drinks as I brought my own (Chatime!).

The Red Western Chicken Chop RM5 @ Dataran MBI, Greentown, Ipoh

The friendly owner (with the glasses) was there and I got to talk to him for a bit before leaving. I’ve talked to him in facebook before but he didn’t remember me unfortunately. Overall, it’s highly recommended for a budget meal, which is really surprising.

They also have other menu as you could see in the first picture. At the time of writing this, they’ve expanded their menu, and also opened a new branch at Angsana Mall Ipoh. I’ve been waiting to review that one so hopefully I could soon. Ah, now I want some chicken chop!

*The Red Western is halal.
** UPDATE FEB 2015: Current price is RM6


Stall No. 8, Dataran MBI,
Persiaran Tugu, 30450, Ipoh

Tel: 013-454 0661

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  1. Razly says:

    RM6? That’s a great deal in GST era… Gonna try it on my way back to Penang…. 🙂

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