Subway Ipoh @ Greentown & Ipoh Parade

Subway Ipoh @ Greentown & Ipoh Parade

When I heard rumors that there were people planning to open Subway franchise in Ipoh about 2-3 years ago, I was so excited. I’ve been wishing for Subway Ipoh outlet for a long time so I could have healthier alternative for quick/fast food. But when there was no update at all, no sign of the banner or the shop, I was extremely disappointed. The rumor died down.

Then last year, I heard it again.

I wrote 2 entries about Subway Ipoh opening before:

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I didn’t get excited when I heard it again last year as I thought it was just another rumor and I didn’t want to get my hopes up. Well, that was until I FINALLY saw the banner at Greentown!

Subway Ipoh @ Greentown & Ipoh Parade

The picture of the banner first emerged online 2 months before the opening but at a different location. I had a hard time finding the location, and spent a long time walking around the area until I saw the banner opposite of Healy Mac’s. I figured the first location was too hidden so they acquired a new shop lot. The sign for ‘Nasi Kandar Greentown‘ was still up, and I thought it was just a temporary location but thank goodness it wasn’t. The new (as in current place) is more convenient and strategically placed despite that area being a very busy area.

The store opened late October 2014 but I gave it a few days before going, assuming the first few days the crowd would be ridiculously mad, especially during lunch and dinner hour. I decided to go the week after its opening, thinking the crowd wouldn’t be so bad.

Boy, was I wrong.

Subway Ipoh @ Greentown & Ipoh Parade

Imagine my surprise when I reached there at about 8 pm and there was already a very long line starting from the ordering counter all the way towards the entrance door. I had no choice but to queue up and wait.

It was a grueling 40 minutes wait. Totally unexpected. Each person took a long time to ‘customize’ their subs, and bought about 5-10 subs per person, so imagine the wait time I had to endure.

Subway Ipoh @ Greentown & Ipoh Parade

The first step would be to order your preferred type of bread. My personal favorite is ‘parmesan oregano‘ but when it’s unavailable, I’ll go for ‘hearty italian‘. I’m about to be a fan of ‘honey oat‘, I think. After you’ve chosen your bread, you let them know which sub you want. Nowadays, I always just order the RM6.90 value sub (no tax). It’s not as satisfying as the ones on the menu, like the premium selection for example (RM12.50 ones) but it’s good value for those on a budget.

Then after that, you move a bit and watch them prepare your sub. This is when you tell them if you want to add any extra ingredients to your sub or add extra cheese.

Subway Ipoh @ Greentown & Ipoh Parade

Then you choose your veggies. I only choose 3 types of veggies – lettuce, olives and onions. That’s all. But they also have tomato, pickles, green peppers and jalapenos.

Subway Ipoh @ Greentown & Ipoh Parade

The last step is to choose your sauce. There are a lot of options and I usually choose quite a few. My must-have sauce are mayonnaise, BBQ, ranch, thousand island and chipotle… sometimes honey mustard as well. I’m a sauce person! Unfortunately, my sub is always kinda soggy from all the sauce when I reach home but man, they taste GOOD. So never mind the soggy bread, the taste makes up for it.

Then you go to the cashier to pay. You have the option to add anything else here like drink or cookie etc. If you add a drink, there’s a machine beside the cashier for you to get your drinks. I always mix a few flavors together. Refill will cost you RM1 if I’m not mistaken.

Subway Ipoh @ Greentown & Ipoh Parade

There’s actually a hidden small area at the back if you need a bit of privacy.

Subway Ipoh @ Greentown & Ipoh Parade

Even after almost an hour, the line was still long. So if you want to go get yourself a sub, avoid peak dinner hour like between 8.30 PM to 9.30 PM. I haven’t gone during the day yet so I’m not sure how bad the lunch hour is. Maybe if they open more outlets, this particular outlet won’t be so crowded during peak hours.

Subway Ipoh @ Greentown & Ipoh Parade

Apparently, they’ve opened a new outlet at Ipoh Parade some time late last month (December 2014). I didn’t even know! Not sure why there was no hype, no excitement about it. The one at Ipoh Parade is located on the 1st floor, right next to Shihlin Snack, nearby Popular bookstore. It’s also near the escalator so you can’t miss it. Wishing for more outlets. I just LOVE Subway.


No. 5 Persiaran Greentown 4
Greentown Business Centre
30450 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia


F24 & F53C, Level 1,
Ipoh Parade, Ipoh

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