Little Wok @ Food Republic Pavilion KL

When I was in KL back in February, I took a little a little trip to Pavilion. It was lunch time. I haven’t eaten since morning so I was really hungry. The last time I went to the ‘food court’ in Pavilion, it was just so-so. If I remember correctly, I had chicken rice. But that was ages ago.

After walking around, I remembered Food Republic in Pavilion. Like I mentioned, it was lunch time, on a Saturday. The place was already crowded with people. I wanted some teppanyaki, but it was very crowded. After long consideration and surveying, I decided to eat pot yee mee soup at Little Wok.

Little Wok @ Food Republic Pavilion KL

I’m a fan of clay pot type of yee mee, and I’ve written about how awful clay pot yee mee at Mydin Manjoi Ipoh food court was. This place seems affordable enough with a variety of food so I decided to try.

Little Wok @ Food Republic Pavilion KL

Little Wok @ Food Republic Pavilion KL

Little Wok @ Food Republic Pavilion KL

This place sells different kinds of dishes from noodles to rice, mostly if not all hot pot (I just call them clay pot even though clay pot is rarely used now) style. There’s a menu with pictures that you can look at before ordering. They even have (fake?) food on displayed.

Little Wok @ Food Republic Pavilion KL

Pot Yee Mee Soup – RM7.90 (before GST)

My yee mee soup cost RM7.90 with no tax. However, since I went to this place prior to the implementation of GST, I can’t be sure if they have GST now. I’m assuming they do but please correct me if I’m wrong. I was quite surprised at the look of the dish because I wasn’t expecting much after that disastrous clay pot yee mee at Mydin Manjoi Ipoh. Of course, it’s a little bit different than the pot yee mee at AEON Station 18 Ipoh that I love.

It had some chicken pieces in it, and also a couple of super tiny prawns. Good thing egg was included otherwise I would’ve hated it. The soup is different than the ones I’m used to. It had a very distinct taste of ginger. I’m not a fan of ginger but once in a while I can be tolerant of it, depending on the types of food. This is one of them. The ginger wasn’t so overwhelming that it overpowers the entire dish. It was bearable. Although, the soup is on the salty side as well but tolerable for me.

The meal was actually quite good in my opinion. A bit surprised considering it’s food court food. It’s always a gamble. Only on rare occasions would you find some good ones that suit your taste. The price was actually surprisingly okay considering it was in Pavilion. Maybe next time I’ll go there again to try other menus.



Lot 1.41.00, Level 1,
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
168 Bukit Bintang
51500 Kuala Lumpur

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