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I’m always searching for good Thai food since my favorite is always Kuey Teow Kungfu. I love it so much that I could eat it every single night, haha. I’ve heard of Tomyam Anitas for a while. I used to see another restaurant with the same name on my way to AEON Station 18 (could be a branch or not) but surprisingly it has closed down now and the place demolished. Probably to make way for a new development. I think they’ve moved somewhere.

Based on some reviews/recommendations, I decided to check out Tomyam Anitas at Jalan Tun Abdul Razak Ipoh.

Tomyam Anitas Ipoh

It’s at one of the shop lots at the side of the road near traffic light (heading to the bus station), but quite hidden. So it’s quite easily missed. Tomyam Anitas, like many other Thai restaurants, only open at night until late night, usually 1 am or 2 am.

Tomyam Anitas Ipoh

You can choose to sit inside or outside. I prefer the outside because you can feel the cool night air especially if it’s after a heavy rain during the day. Gives your dining experience a little extra awesome-ness! 😉

Sometimes the place could be crowded and parking space is limited. You could park at the designated parking spots in front of the shop lots but if it’s full, you might have to park by the roadside. If you’re coming from Jalan Tun Abdul Razak heading to the bus station road, you have to u-turn because you definitely can’t park at the opposite road and walk across. Highly dangerous.

The place serves Thai food obviously, from fried rice to tomyam to soup etc. However, there’s also a stall outside selling western food so you can have french fries, chicken chop, lamb chop or beef steak.

Tomyam Anitas Ipoh

For drinks, I ordered Sirap Bandung. I apologize that I had forgotten how much it exactly cost. I think it’s around RM1.50 more or less. It’s good, not too creamy and not too plain that it become tasteless. In some places they aren’t that generous with the condensed milk. When the ice melted, Sirap Bandung turns into plain old water.

Tomyam Anitas Ipoh

Mee Bandung = RM5.50

Mee Bandung cost RM5.50. The food didn’t take too long to arrive, but they did take some time to arrive to our table when the table next to ours who came after received theirs first.

I was surprised by how small the portion of Mee Bandung was. Not only that, the soup was VERY thick. It was so thick that the noodle tasted almost dry shortly after. The soup had sour taste, which was another (not-so-pleasant) surprise to my mom as she didn’t like it. It was also the first Mee Bandung that has crushed peanuts. My mom didn’t like that either but I thought it was a nice addition.

The main disappointment would be the vegetables. It wasn’t cooked properly that all the vegetables like carrots, baby corns etc. were so tough that my mom couldn’t even chew them. According to her, she was very disappointed with the dish.

I didn’t prefer the dish that much but I didn’t really hate it either. Maybe it just didn’t go well with our palates as we’re used to different kind of Mee Bandung flavor.

Tomyam Anitas Ipoh

Kuey Teow Kungfu = RM5.50

As usual, I’d order my favorite – Kuey Teow Kungfu which cost RM5.50. I love the soup as it was a mix of sour and spicy flavor. The plate had a decent amount of ingredients including vegetables, pieces of chickens, some prawns and squids.

Now, the disappointment lies in the vegetables. Just like my mom’s dish, mine weren’t cooked properly either. I think they undercooked ours that the vegetables were still so tough and hard and barely edible. The chicken pieces were still ‘springy’ and ‘chewy’ meaning they weren’t properly cooked either and were still undercooked. That’s highly disappointing considering the taste or flavor wasn’t bad at all.

One day I’ll revisit and hopefully their service and quality have improved


*All prices listed are prior to GST implementation



Jalan Tun Abdul Razak,
30100 Ipoh, Perak


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  1. Reload Food says:

    great sharing, wish to try out one day…

  2. George SSF says:

    Looks delicious! Will pay a visit someday! Thanks for sharing

  3. Michael says:

    The malay version of mee kungfu is similar version of chinese ‘kongfuchao’ (cantonese soupy gravy noodles). Great to know ipoh food is on your blog. I am from Ipoh too.

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