Christmas Gingerbread Man Cookie @ The Coffee Bean Ipoh

Merry Christmas!

I hope it’s not way too late to wish you all who are celebrating, Merry Christmas and to those who aren’t, Happy Holidays! Well, it’s already the 27th here, so I guess Happy New Year would be more appropriate. How fast the time flies, aye? In about 4 days, the year will end and 2016 will begin. So, what’s your new year’s resolution?

I only have one wish, that is for 2016 to be better than 2015. Now that I’m dedicating my full time on writing and blogging, so I hope this blog (and my other blogs) would be active and not abandoned. Anyways, let’s talk about one of my fave times of the year – Christmas! How did yours go?

Merry Christmas 2015

I usually spend my Christmas eve and the day itself watching Christmas-themed movies. And every year, I gotta have one snack that would complete my movie marathon – Gingerbread Man cookies!

There’s one place I always get my cookies at – The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf outlets. I looked for it a couple of weeks ago at AEON Kinta City and was disappointed that they didn’t have the cookies. I thought they stopped selling it. They did have gingerbread house, though.

But last week, I was at Ipoh Parade and decided to check The Coffee Bean there.

Christmas Gingerbread Man by Coffee Bean Ipoh Parade

And I was excited to see a basket full of Gingerbread Men!

Christmas Gingerbread Man by Coffee Bean Ipoh Parade

So, without hesitations, I bought two! Aren’t they just too cute?

I love the Gingerbread Man cookies at The Coffee Bean because they taste good. I hate ginger but the ginger in the cookie is not too overwhelming or overpowering, but you can still taste it. The cookie itself is not crispy or crunchy. They’re actually very soft when you bite into them. The colorful sprinkles, gummies, chocolate drizzle and icing adds a nice sweet flavor to it. And that’s why I love their gingerbread man cookies.

The price is RM5.80 per cookie. That’s a pleasant surprise because a couple of years ago, they were RM8.90. Then they increased it to RM9-ish and I thought it was way too expensive for a single cookie. So, I hope they’ll retain the current price for next year and I’d definitely buy more!

I wrote about Gingerbread Man cookie in 2013.


Anyways, just thought I’d share my fave snack for my Christmas movie marathon. Do you have yours?

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