Featured In Vulcan Post & MSMW Award Nomination!

I know I haven’t been updating in quite a long time, again.

Unfortunately, I’ve been sick for a couple of weeks in February. So were my cats. And my mom as well! So, apparently whatever virus got to us all. Then I was busy trying to care for everyone and everything then to catch up on things plus I had a horrible birthday as well but let’s not talk about that now. Been a crazy month!

For this entry I’m not going to review anything but I’m just going to share the news that for the first time ever, I’ve been featured in an article online!

I’ve been featured in Vulcan Post!


12 Malaysian Food Bloggers Share Their Biggest Pet Peeves When Attending Food Reviews

This is the first time I’ve been featured anywhere as a food blogger so I’ve been excited! I’m honored to be featured along with other popular food bloogers such as VKeong and KY.


Sorry I had to blur out my picture. Should have blurred out more. You see… I was in KL when I had to send them a picture of me. I happen to have only one hi-res picture in my email inbox so I just sent that one. No, it’s not even a recent picture of me. I just didn’t have enough time. Couldn’t even find where I saved all my photos!

So, please ignore the shitty picture.

You can read the article at: vulcanpost.com/537821/malaysian-food-bloggers-pet-peeve/

Thank you to Vulcan Post and Anna Lee for featuring me. 🙂

On another news, this blog was also nominated for the ‘Malaysia Social Media Week Awards‘ under ‘Best Foodie Blog‘ which I didn’t even know about or who nominated me haha. Unfortunately, I only found out shortly before the voting ends so I doubt I’d win.

But it’s a great feeling to be nominated for an award for the first time ever! And thank you very much to those who voted and supported me at the last minute. I really appreciate it with all my heart. Wish I had known about it sooner so I can spam everyone for votes haha.

Hopefully next year I can get nominated again and work hard to actually winning it, eh? 😉

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