Chicken Wings @ Wing Zone Ipoh Greentown

Wing Zone Ipoh branch is finally in IPOH. Awesome!

I love chicken wings, especially those smoke BBQ ones. Unfortunately, at my place, it’s hard to get a cheap and good chicken wings. I love the hot and spicy chicken wings from Domino’s but they’ve increased the price and after a while, you get bored with the same flavor.

Then I heard about ‘Wing Zone’ which opened its first outlet in AEON Manjung. When I went there, I wanted it but was low on budget so been craving for a long time until I heard they’re opening in Ipoh! Can’t even describe how excited I was.

In Malaysia, Wing Zone Ipoh is their third branch. The first one being in AEON Manjung and second in Kampar.

Wing Zone Ipoh is in Greentown, same block with Maybank, right behind Moven Peak restaurant. It’s easy to spot. Ease of parking depends. Daytime during weekdays would be hell but not on weekends. At night so-so.

During its first official opening week, they had some promotion for buy 1 free 1 for about 5 days. It was an awesome deal I didn’t want to let go.

Wing Zone Ipoh Greentown Chicken Wings

I went there on a Saturday evening at about 7.30 pm. Obviously, the place was packed! The outlet is not that big so imagine going there at dinner hour. There were people lining up outside and I heard the waiting time would take roughly 1/2-1 hour minimum. I thought I could just do takeaway but of course, should have figured the promotion is only valid for dine-in.

I decided to go back the next day, which would be the last day of the promotion.

Wing Zone Ipoh Greentown Chicken Wings

My friend told me to go earlier so I went there at 6 pm. It was still packed with diners and I was told to wait outside for 30-60 minutes. I got pissed. There was no chair to sit on. You couldn’t leave you name and come back later. Then what? I was with my mom. You can’t expect an old lady to stand there for an hour, right? That’s ridiculous!

I lost my cool.

The staff then talked to a guy named Andrew (most probably the manager?) and he let us in! The couple before me were nice to allow us to cut them as well. We even got the comfy sofa seat. I’m glad my mom didn’t have to stand and wait for long. I wanted to give up and go home.

Wing Zone Ipoh Greentown Chicken Wings

Wing Zone Ipoh Greentown Chicken Wings Wing Zone Ipoh Greentown Chicken Wings
Well, it wasn’t as crowded as the night before but still full. The place is quite cozy and quiet without the crowd. They have free wifi too so if you want a place to relax, to do work on your laptop while enjoying some good ol’ chicken wings, this is the perfect place to be. Just be sure not to get the flavor on your papers or laptop or you’ll have a seriously annoying sticky situation! Plus they open till after midnight, so you could chill with your friends here.

The menu came and it took me a very long time to decide what I want to order because there’s just so many good flavors that I want to try. How do you only choose one or two flavors?

Chicken Wings at Wing Zone Ipoh Greentown

After quite a while, I finally decided on the combo set, and with the promotion I’d get another combo set free. I also added extra 7 buffalo wings but it turns out, for the second free item, it has to be from the side dish or desserts. I decided on mozzarella stix.

Unfortunately, later they told me they ran out mozzarella stix and I was very unhappy about that. I had no choice but to settle with dessert bites instead.

Wing Zone Ipoh Greentown Chicken Wings

To make the order, you go to the counter, place your order, then pay. Same as if you would order food at the fast food outlets. Then you wait and they will deliver the food to your table.

The Coke drinks came first and for combo set, you get free refills!

Wing Zone Ipoh Greentown Chicken Wings

Combo 2 = RM15.90
7 buffalo wings, premium wedge fries, bread, ranch or bleu cheese, 16oz soft drink

This set was for me. I chose the hottest flavor on the menu – Nuclear Habanero because I love spicy food. I have high tolerance for spicy things but do not underestimate this like I did. My mom underestimated it as well, so imagine the surprise that came after the first few bites.

You won’t taste the heat in your mouth while chewing it but instead after you swallow it. That’s when you’ll feel the burning sensation at the back of your throat. It lingers for a while. Nice! Just the kind of heat I like.

They recommended ranch for dipping.

The wedges are imported from the US and they do taste different than those cheap local frozen wedges you buy at the supermarket. Where did the bread go?

Wing Zone Ipoh Greentown Chicken Wings

Combo 3 = RM15.90 
3 Chicken tenders, premium wedge fries, bread, ranch or bleu cheese, 16oz soft drink

This was recommended to my mom since chicken tenders are boneless, just pure meat. I love them, they’re not too dry, tender, and crispy on the outside. I thought 3 pieces won’t be satisfying enough but I was wrong.

They also recommended my mom to change the wedges to rice because wedges are quite salty for the elderly, but my mom didn’t listen then later complained it’s a bit too salty for her. Not at all for me though. So, if you’re bringing old people who can’t handle salt, then I suggest changing it to rice.

As for the dipping sauce, I chose Honey Q for her.

I just noticed in the picture they didn’t give the bread when it’s supposed to be included. Whaaaat? How come I missed that?

Wing Zone Ipoh Greentown Chicken Wings

7 pieces Buffalo Wings = RM13.90

I ordered an extra of this because I wanted to taste more flavor. I’m a huge fan of BBQ and just having one Nuclear Habanero flavor is not enough for me. Plus, I get to choose an extra free dessert so why not?

For this, I went with Smokin’ Q flavor. It has smokehouse flavor with some cayenne for kick. It’s really a great flavor for those who love BBQ flavor which goes really well with chicken wings! I didn’t taste any heat in this though, nor sweetness. Just pure smoky, BBQ goodness. It’s so, so, soooooo good.

All the chickens were cooked perfectly, still juicy with the flavor infused well with the meat.

They recommended bleu cheese to go with this flavor.

Wing Zone Ipoh Greentown Chicken Wings

Bleu Cheese – It’s creamy, thick, slightly sour (and salty?). The cheese is not too overwhelming either but it doesn’t taste like the typical cheese you have on your pizza or in your sandwich for those who have never tasted this before. This is my favorite. It actually goes really well with both flavors that I chose.

Ranch – Lighter taste compared to bleu cheese. It’s a bit runny and perfect as a dipping sauce for BBQ but it also taste awesome with nuclear habanero flavor.

Honey Q – Can never go wrong with smoke BBQ flavor and the sweetness of honey! It’s really sweet with no heat at all.

They have a new flavor in their updated menu called ‘BBQ Nirvana‘. Oh, I can’t wait to try that one!

Wing Zone Ipoh Greentown Chicken Wings

10 pieces Dessert Bites Cheese Cake & Brownie flavors = RM12.90

This is the free dessert I got. At first, I ordered mozzarella stix but was highly disappointed when I was told they’ve sold out right after I ordered. Not even sure how that’s possible. I agreed to change to dessert bites and chose both flavors to taste.

I was very surprised when the dessert bites came. They were so small! Like tiny. I didn’t think it was worth the price. But again, I spoke too soon. As soon as I tasted the cheese cake flavor, I was blown away.

The square/cube dessert is crispy outside, but as soon as you bite it, you get the warm, sweet and creamy cheese cake filling. The taste was absolutely and so sinfully delicious. It’s as if I went to cheese cake heaven. It was THAT good! 5 pieces were definitely not enough, considering they’re very small.

The brownie one is sinfully delicious as well, and best eaten warm. Not overwhelmingly sweet, and with just enough flavor and the cocoa… ahh, I’m drooling just thinking about it.

However, I noticed now in the updated menu that cheese cake flavor is not there. Are they no longer serving that? If that’s so, that makes me very sad, ok!

Overall, it’s been a good experience at Wing Zone Ipoh branch and I’m glad I didn’t miss the promotion. Thank you to their staff, Andrew, for his awesome customer service, making us feel like VIP and making sure we were cozy and comfortable from the moment we arrived until we left. Also, thank you for not forcing my mom to stand and wait in line for an hour otherwise I would’ve thrown a fit.

Maybe I should bring my mom more often to get special treatments 😉

PS: Wing Zone Ipoh can deliver as well, depending on your location (within 5km radius) and delivery charges do apply



20 Persiaran Greentown 1,
Greentown Business Center,
30450 Ipoh, Perak

Phone: 1300-22-WING (9464)

Operating Hours:
Sunday – Thursday: 10am – 1am
Friday – Saturday: 10am – 2am

Facebook: Wing Zone Malaysia

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