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I have not updated in a while. So much has been happening in my life last month. I’ve been very sick and even had to go to the emergency room. Shortly later a family member was sick as well and I had to take him to the emergency room too. A lot of time was spent at the hospital.

But then last week I received a new laptop from my friend so I’m trying my best to be more productive now. I have so many reviews to post! But today I’m not posting about food.

I don’t normally review non-edible products in this blog but I’ll make an exception this time because I’ve been excited about this product and want to share with my readers in this blog.

I’m the kind of person who always loses things. Small things like keys. A few years ago I lost my car key. I suspect my cat took it somewhere and hid it. I was told if I wanted to replace that, it would cost me a couple of thousands ringgit. Luckily I still have the spare key!

If you’re like me, then you need TAG La.

TAG La Bluetooth Item Finder

I meant to post this review sooner but unexpected things happened in my life so it has been delayed.

I was so excited to receive the products in the mail. I chose two of my favorite colors – black and red.

They come in six different colors – black, red, yellow, green, blue (cyan), and white.

Bluetooth Tracker Item Finder New TAG La Malaysia

TAG La is an item finder/tracker that uses Bluetooth radio waves to communicate between the TAG La device and the app in your phone.

There are a few things that you could do with your TAG La device:

  1. Ring your TAG La
  2. Ring your phone
  3. View your TAG La’s last known location on the map
  4. Photography remote feature
  5. Community search

Setting up and connecting the device with the app on my phone is simple and quick. I am using Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. You have to register an account first, then set up your device to be connected to the app.

TAG La App

When you click ‘Find Me’, the TAG La device will beep. It’s loud but not super loud (88-decibel melody). If you’re quite far away and your TAG La is hidden underneath a pile of something like say… pillows, you might not hear it very well unless you’re near. But if it’s exposed, it’s loud enough for me to hear from quite a distance.

For a complete setup guide on how to connect your TAG La to your app, you can check out their TAG La set up guide.

The battery lasts about 6 months but you could replace it yourself, as mentions on the website. They use the CR2032 type battery.

The TAG La can also ring your phone even if it’s on silent mode. I remember a few weeks ago when a friend of mine was panicking because she lost her phone. She said she looked everywhere. Tried ringing her phone and there was no sound. Then I was told by someone else to check her car again. Turns out her phone fell off her pocket or bag and was hidden underneath her seat (driver’s side). How she missed it so many times is a mystery. Plus, it was on silent mode. Now I’m thinking if she had TAG La, the phone could still ring and it would save us all the time and trouble.

There’s also a ‘community’ feature where you can ask others to help find your missing item if they’re in the vicinity. I haven’t tried this feature so I can’t talk much about it.

And you could also take a picture using the device as a remote. The app even has a camera feature.

While TAG La is perfect for finding lost things, it’s not suitable for everything. There are things you can’t use it for and there are also limitations.

Bluetooth Tracker Item Finder New TAG La Malaysia


Limited Bluetooth Range

TAG La is a Bluetooth tracker that uses your phone’s Bluetooth to function. So, in order to detect your things, you need to always have your Bluetooth turned on (and app). Also, it depends on the Bluetooth range – up to 75ft. So far, I’ve tested the range in my double-story semi-D house and it still works even when I was downstairs and the TAG La was in my room upstairs. Then again, if you’re too far, how would you hear the beeping anyway, right?

Bluetooth & App Must Be Running All The Time

You can’t turn off either one, because both needs to be turned on at the same time, all the time, to function. If your phone is off, then TAG La won’t be able to detect your phone.

When I first tested the app with my phone (Samsung S7 Edge), I couldn’t shut down the app or log out. When I did, it wouldn’t re-open and would just continuously crash. I had to uninstall and reinstall every time I close the app. But a couple of days ago I tried closing the app again and it didn’t crash when I reopened. I think they’ve fixed this so that’s great! Hopefully, this issue won’t come back.

Not For Moving Objects

I’ve seen some people ask if they can use this to track kids, animals, cars etc. It’s meant to track non-moving objects so it’s not recommended to use it to track your kids or cars or things like that. Maybe there’s a special device for that purpose.

One TAG La cost RM69.90 but it’s cheaper if you buy in bulk. You can order from their official website or places like Lazada. You could also check their facebook and Instagram for more info. Thank you so much to TAG La for sponsoring the 2 items for me to review!




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