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Domino's Samyeang Pizza Blogger's Preview @ Domino's Pizza Ipoh 0

SPICY Samyeang Pizza & Ayam-Haseyo @ Domino’s Pizza Ipoh

Staying true to Korean pop music style, Domino’s unveiled the debut of its latest Samyeang Pizzas alongside The Samyeangs, its own three-member boy band, along with a female guest star, Ayam-Haseyo. Taking the stage as the hero is the unique Samyeang sauce, the base of Domino’s newest pizzas. The burst of flavors created from the perfect blend of spiciness and sweetness of the sauce will leave you craving for more.


Subway Ipoh @ Greentown & Ipoh Parade

When I heard rumors that there were people planning to open Subway franchise in Ipoh about 2-3 years ago, I was so excited. I’ve been wishing for Subway Ipoh outlet for a long time so I...

Subway Ipoh Has Finally Opened 1

UPDATE: First Subway Ipoh Opens Today!

UPDATE: FULL SUBWAY IPOH REVIEW<<Click Last night after I just bought Chatime, I saw bright sign next to 7-Eleven in Greentown. Turns out, it’s Ipoh’s first Subway! YES. It’s FINALLY opening! After a lot of...


Epic Meal Time – Fast Food Lasagna

I have just discovered Epic Meal Time guys a couple of days ago. I know I’m slow. But I didn’t think I’d look up something this epic about food ever. These guys are absolutely...


RM5 Supreme Angus Steakhouse @ Burger King

Anybody getting this tomorrow?? I’m not a big fan of burger king due to the expensive burgers. However I’m so getting this tomorrow! It’s like the last time when they had the RM1 whopper!...