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Kenny Rogers Roasters @ AEON Kinta City Ipoh 1

Kenny Rogers Roasters @ AEON Kinta City, Ipoh

Ahhh chicken! I think those who love having a healthy hearty meal would most probably have heard of Kenny Rogers Roasters. According to wikipedia: Kenny Rogers Roasters is a brand which covers a chain...

Nando's @ AEON Station 18, Ipoh 1

Nando’s @ AEON Station 18, Ipoh

Finally Nando’s is in Ipoh. Totally unexpected. I mean, Ipoh has been a dead town for a very long time and to see a well known brand to invest and open a store/restaurant here...


Aeon Station 18 Ipoh

For Ipoh people, last Thursday was a big day because it was the opening of a new mall in Ipoh after over a decade of having just 1 decent mall to shop at. The...