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Subway Ipoh @ Greentown & Ipoh Parade

When I heard rumors that there were people planning to open Subway franchise in Ipoh about 2-3 years ago, I was so excited. I’ve been wishing for Subway Ipoh outlet for a long time so I...

Subway Ipoh Has Finally Opened 1

UPDATE: First Subway Ipoh Opens Today!

UPDATE: FULL SUBWAY IPOH REVIEW<<Click Last night after I just bought Chatime, I saw bright sign next to 7-Eleven in Greentown. Turns out, it’s Ipoh’s first Subway! YES. It’s FINALLY opening! After a lot of...

Subway Ipoh 8

UPDATED: Subway Is Coming To Ipoh!

UPDATE: FULL SUBWAY IPOH REVIEW<<Click FINALLY. Last week I heard from someone that a new Subway outlet will open in Ipoh soon. Now, I’ve heard this rumor about 2+ years ago and it didn’t happen...